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Plumbing systems don’t typically fail overnight. Rather, failure is often a long, gradual process of corrosion and scale forming inside and around copper pipes that run throughout the home. But while corrosion and resulting pinhole leaks can strike year-round, problems with scale buildup tend to be more noticeable during the warm weather when water consumption is at its peak.

In our repiping work we use CPVC or PEX pipes:

Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (CPVC) is a thermoplastic pipe and fitting material made with CPVC compounds meeting the requirements of ASTM Class 23447 as defined in ASTM Specification D1784. CPVC applications are for potable water distribution, corrosive fluid handling in industry, and fire suppression systems.

CPVC piping systems are:

* Environmentally friendly.
* Provide long service life.
* Easy to install and handle.
* Corrosion resistant.
* Cost effective.
* Widely accepted by codes.

CPVC piping which is suitable for hot and cold water distribution has a 400 psi pressure rating at room temperature, and a 100 psi pressure rating at 180 F.

CPVC materials are resistant to many everyday household chemicals.

Since CPVC materials do not support combustion, they cannot burn without an external fuel source. This property makes CPVC pipe an attractive alternative to steel and copper pipe for fire sprinkler applications. CPVC fire sprinkler piping systems are approved for light hazard applications and for use in single and multifamily dwellings. Installation shall be in accordance with the NFPA Section 13, 13D, and 13R.

PEX is one of the most versatile, easy-to-use plumbing systems available:

* PEX pipe is suitable for use with hot or cold water. With the proper adapters, PEX pipe can be used with steel, copper, PVC and CPVC plumbing pipe.

* PEX is the most flexible plumbing pipe available. It can be bent around most corners without a coupling or fitting. For example, 3/8" pipe may be bent to a 4" radius and 1/2" pipe to a 5" radius.

* Most plumbing leaks and system failures occur at joints in fittings. Since PEX requires fewer fittings, it has less opportunity to leak and installs faster.

* PEX flexibility also allows it to expand and contract more than other types of pipe. Increased capacity for expansion makes PEX more burst resistant.

* Complete, easy to use repair kits are available for all PEX systems.

* Much like a circuit breaker for your plumbing system, PEX systems have a shut-off valve at each supply line. Having a shut off at each line allows the repair person to leave the rest of the system operational while working on one line.


CPVC piping systems
PEX is one of the most versatile, easy-to-use plumbing systems available

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